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We work according to the unique programme in the region,based on world~s latest educational trends, combined with our twenty year~s experience in consulting and education in the field of Communication, Sales  and Management.
We organize open and corporate training, in groups of 6 to 12 participants, respecting the relationship between practical and theoretical approaches 80:20.
Our educational programs monitor follow-up activities such as mentoring / counseling and coaching sessions.
We can offer the following educational programs:
  • Communication Skills
  • Introduce Yourself
  • Sales Puzzle
  • Negotiation Compass
  • Selfmanagement Skills
  • Project Management

The School of Business Skills is  an integral part of our educational services.
About our work
Our training is interactive and it consists of: short introductory speech, workshops-smaller or larger groups, simulation, Q & A techniques, role play, demonstrations, tests, discussions, debates, case studies, short educational films, camera recordings,analysis and feedback.
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Communication Skills
What is the quality of your everyday communication in business and private environment?

Is it easy to say what you want ... short and simple , just understandable and reasonable , interesting , efficient and effective , meaningful , visible and attractive.

Communication skills of employees is what our clients / customers first notice . The atmosphere prevailing among employees within the company / institution is the same atmosphere that customers feel when first entering the facility. If this is inadequate , all investment in the improvement of the image through marketing are useless .

During the day , managers spend 70-80 % of their time in communication with the internal and external environment . In addition, one should know that 93 % of what we say is interpreted rules of nonverbal communication , and only 7 % related to speech content .

 One-day , two-day and three-day training in the field of communications are designed to provide each participant the opportunity to assess their communication skills and gain an adequate tool for their further improvement .

We can offer the following educational programs :

• Business Communication
• Business Etiquette & Correspondence
• Argumentation & advanced skills of conducting effective meetings
• Persuasion Skills
• Tools for effective team communication
• Conflict  Management
• Effective communication with difficult people
And  finally ... life does not get what we deserve .... but what you communicate
Presentation Skills
Everything we say or do not say, do or not do is our presentation.
...and not just ours, but the presentation of the company we represent!
Lee Iaccoco, long-lead manager of Ford and Chrysler said once:

"You can have brilliant ideas, but if you do not know well presented, there is little chance to succeed.
The ability to persuade is the first prerequisite for leaders, managers ... So I sent my men on the Dale Carnegie Institute to practice rhetoric, and in most cases the investment is worth it many times ... " 

Therefore, improve and  used your  presentation skills effectively  - in  the way how you present yourself , your ideas, products and services to the public, nurture customer relationships,  build partnerships with the media, care about the your community.

 We woud like to offer you the following educational programs:

-  Business Presentation,,
-  Argumentation & Persuasion Skills,
-  Public speaking & PR tools.
These programs are being implemented in the form of open and in-house training.
They can be organized as a one-day, two-day or three-day training.

For a lot less time than you think, we'll give you the choice of tools which you will be able to BREND YOUR OVERALL APPEARANCE!
Sales Puzzle
For Sale Success is more important question  "Why the customer buys? " rather than  "How do I sell? ".  Do you agree ?

The study "Why do people buy " by Jeffrey Gitomer  shows us that the reasons why people buy are  combination of common sense , unexpected information , missed problems and amazing possibilities .

The collection of elements that explain why customers buy from us starts with  LIKING . Like is the strongest element in the sales relationship. Liking leads to TRUST. Confidence leads to purchase. Buying leads to a good relationship . This is the cycle of life , to the life cycle of SALE .

On our interactive training, you will get  the following:

- A toolbox wich will help you and your company to manage every aspect of the sales cycle,
- You  will strengthen the sales skills and increase your individual sales,
- Also, you will increase the number of satisfied clients and build good relationship with customers and long-term business cooperation.

Sales education programs are implemented  in the form of one-day , two-day and three-day training in the following modules:

- ABCs of Sales,
- Advanced sales skills & tools,
- Sales Negotiation.
Negotation Compass
We always NEGOTIATE .... Whether you want to or not, you are a NEGOTIATOR .
Negotiation is a fact of the life. Everyone talks about something every day.
Many situations require the negotiating skills.
Everyone wants to participate in making decisions that will have impact on him .
Certainly, you spend most of the day and talking with people in your company  and out side, during  the formal meetings and during informal discussions with colleagues .
No matter how you negotiate , you need to constantly improving negotiation skills .
In the training BUSINESS NEGOTATION  we will give you the tools to :
- A better understanding of the basic types of negotiations and the key concepts that are in their base ;
- Efficient preparation ,implemetation & conclusion of the negotiations ;
- Creating and managing  good relations with the other party , which will achieve maximum value for both sides ;
- Overcoming the obstacles in the way of an agreement.
This educational program is implemented by model  the Harvard Negotiation School , in the form of one-day , two-day and three-day training .
Selfmanagement Skills
Why are some people more successful than others?

Why do some people earn more money , live happier and do more things in life than others?

 What is , in fact, the secret of their success ?
Your success in life depends more on what kind of person you become than what  you do or achieve at this moment.
" Developing character must be the goal of every man ," said Greek philosopher Aristotle.
 The aim of the training SELFMANAGEMENT SKILLS  is to inspire you and give advice on how to improve your life and achieve your goals.

 WE will  give you the tools to manage your personal and professional development,  support  you and enable  you to set your goals , create steps to achieve them , and in this way relies command of skills of SELF-DISCIPLINE, SELF-MOTIVATION, TIME MANAGEMENT AND STRESS MANAGEMENT.

 And  what is about you ?

... YOU will be able to install a key discipline within their personality & strengthen your character , improve their performance and a strong move on the direction, called SUCCESS !
Project Management
The aim of the educational program PROJECT MANAGEMENT  is  to provide useful tools  to all those who are engaged or will engage in the project design, implementation and evaluation in profit , public, and nonprofit sectors for achieving  high standards in the process of turning an idea into the services / products of the company / institution / organization.

During this Program, you will improve your quality, find and acquire the skills that you lack and adopt a clear and organized process, which is a priority for every project manager.

We have prepared for you practical advice for overcoming common challenges and difficulties, as well as tools that can be used in project management.

The aquired knowledge and skills are useful and enable your further progress.

Our trainers in the area of project management have been certified by the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development and the International Organization TACSO.
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